Wild sea calligraphy



Calligraphy is the ultimate way to relax, restore, unwind and connect with your inner creative.

Modern calligraphy isn’t just a beautiful art form – it’s a way of writing mindfully whilst creating something stunning at the same time. Come and spend a couple of relaxing hours with me in one of my favourite hand picked locations. Not only will you be learning modern calligraphy but you’ll be taking away a new creative skill for life. Calligraphy is such a passion of mine and I know how daunting learning something new can be, rest assured you’ll be going home with a happy soul after one of my modern calligraphy workshops. Most of my workshops are based in and around Devon and Cornwall, check out all of the workshops we have online and also sign up for any workshop news as I’m known to love to travel to new calligraphy locations around the UK.